The Supplement Pyramid

by Michael A. Smith, MD

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E-book available late March 2014

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You’ll find no other book on the market quite like it. In The Supplement Pyramid, Dr. Mike Smith, Senior Health Scientist for Life Extension®, provides you with an easy-to-understand, illustrated approach to tailoring a personal nutritional supplement regimen that’s just right for your needs. This comprehensive, must-have guidebook answers all your questions about which supplements you should ... and shouldn’t … take to achieve the best possible results.

After reading the book, you’ll know how to:

  • Build a personalized supplement regimen
  • Identify high quality supplements
  • Use case studies to build personal regimens
  • Choose appropriate laboratory tests

Dr. Mike’s engaging ability to present complex medical topics in a clear, conversational manner makes The Supplement Pyramid an informative and enjoyable “how-to” book that you’ll refer to again and again.

The Pyramid

Like the food pyramid, the Supplement Pyramid is an educational, graphic tool designed to guide you in making healthy choices. Unlike the food pyramid, though, the Supplement Pyramid is individualized.

About The Pyramid

The Author

"The country doctor with a city education," that's how Dr. Michael A. Smith's many devoted fans describe him. Senior health scientist and online personality for Life Extension ® .

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