About the Supplement Pyramid

Like the food pyramid, the Supplement Pyramid is an educational graphic tool designed to guide you in making healthy choices. It's organized into three levels: the Foundation Level, the Personalization Level, and the Optimization Level. It is structured this way because as you ascend up the levels of the pyramid, they shrink in size, representing their order of importance to your health.

The Pyramid Foundation

Foundation Level
for Survival Needs

This level is the base of the pyramid — in other words, the very most important level. The Foundation Level is not individualized because these supplements support basic life processes at the cellular level, such as energy production, growth, repair, and regeneration. No matter who you are or what you're going through, you need the same foundational supplements as everybody else. Think of them as the essential nutrients for living well as a human.

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Personalization Level
for Disease Prevention

The middle level of the pyramid is about your individual needs, with a focus on disease prevention. We all face different health risks, and the assessments in this level will help you identify yours. First, you'll fill out Personal and Family Medical Inventories, which will help you identify health challenges you've faced in the past or are currently facing, and those you may potentially face in the future, based on warning signs or family history.

Next, you'll complete a series of Medical Quizzes — which are based on real clinical risk assessments that doctors use — to get into more detail regarding your current state of health in 16 different areas, including heart health, cognitive function, and immune strength.

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The Pyramid Personalization
The Pyramid Optimization

Optimization Level
for Enhanced Health

The top level of the pyramid is about taking your supplement regimen to new heights. It includes supplements that help you live healthier, longer. These might include extra antioxidants, proteins and amino acids, or a newly discovered longevity herb. While they may extend your life or make your later years healthier, these supplements are not strictly necessary, so if you're on a tight budget, they should be the first to go.

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about the pyramid

The Pyramid

Like the food pyramid, the Supplement Pyramid is an educational graphic tool designed to guide you in making healthy choices. Unlike the food pyramid, though, the Supplement Pyramid is individualized.

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